Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How I visualized the issues related to Sewol for 04.16 ~ 05.05

세월호 이슈 타임라인 from Hikmat on Vimeo.

In April 16 there was a big tragedy in Korea, the ferry named Sewol (세월호) sank just in few hours causing the death of hundreds of students.
After the tragedy, there were millions of tweets talking about sewol related issues. By analyzing these tweets we could see how people felt about sewol tragedy, how their opinions changed during the time, whom they blamed and how much they hoped for the survival of missing students.

  We calculated  TF-IDF  values with Sewol keywords, and from those we selected the top issues related to this tragedy. We exported results to excel where the rows represented the date and time, and the columns represented the words.
  I used 3ds max for visualization. It has MaxScript programming environment. I made a script to import the data from excel and draw the texts on 3D space, then animated their size by their TF-IDF value. The position of words are distributed randomly. Watch it and feel free to comment what you observed from the video.

here is the MaxScript code

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