Thursday, June 19, 2014

ThreeJs - 3D data visualization on web

     I was into 3D since high school years. My first experience was making 3D models with 3Dsmax.
Since few years back Google Chrome had been trying to bring this technology to all desktops through web. With the rise of HTML5 it became possible to render 3D on client side by using WebGL via javascript. However, using WebGL via Javascript was not easy so open-source communities developed various wrapper libraries to simplify using webGL.
   Among them ThreeJS ( is one the best choice to use IMHO. It is more mature comparing to others, and there are many examples to follow.

It is better to see rather than reading, Check out this ThreeJS example:
Is not it amazing?
Dynamic, interactive and open-source 3D visualization directly on your Chrome Browser.
It runs on the latest Android Tablets and Phones too.
In few years, I think everyone will be able to browse 3D sites on their devices.

So, by using this library I am trying to make some impressing data visualization.
Here is how I visualized the Word Cloud in 3D:

  Unfortunately, it is just a screenshot from my browser and next time I am going to upload live demo.

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